Thursday, March 13, 2014


*cough*…... *wheeze*….. *wheeze*…..

It has been a while…. the sky is polluted…. can't breath properly…. Whenever i go out of my house or my office… I feel like I am in Genting Highlands… Only difference… it is not cold here… but rather it is super hot…! like a green house effect.

Haze is ever good… especially for those who are suffering from asthma or has sinus…

If it rains… it rains dust… and other things in the sky…. which is not good for anyone.. it will make people sick… and well i doubt anyone out there would want to be sick now… or ever!

Please blow the haze away… or just rain so hard that the haze just disappears…

It is so warm at night.. even after showing.. I am sweating… It feels so uncomfortable… sigh….

It is just really bad….


It has been over a year since i posted…. Many things had happened during that year…

Gaining experiences, changing jobs, learning more things!

We never stop learning on things… It is like a never ending cycle… We never stop learning…

 But i gotta say… there are many people in this world, people who are nice, people who are mean, unfriendly, idiots… but hey… we have our own personality and characters… that is what defines us as who we are.

Some are individualistic… some are introvert, some are extrovert… it is how things around us change us.

With that… I change to over the years… That is what make us human!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I know that in this world there are plenty of frustrations... From work.. From personal life... & etc...

Life however is always never fair! It is how we make of things...

There are hypocrites everywhere... Back stabbers who seem to be like your best friend... But when the time comes and they don't want to be in hot soup... They will start to point fingers... have experience it 1st hand on it... It hurts when someone you trust does it to you...

Fact is... If you want to point fingers... Please do look at yourself before you start pointing fingers... Why do you always have to aim for me just because I mainly handle the job & that other people also has the same load on their shoulders... The best is that that particular person that I used to trust seems to be reply stupid... A retard... And not forgetting an extremely lazy...

If you don't understand it please look through it before you throw it back to me to handle & please... Use your brain...! Wait... Do you have one to start with? Or did you left it at home?

Framing people is wrong... Especially when you don't have the proof... If you do have the proof den by all means... But that would not call under the category of framing someone... But then again you frame people for your mistake...

Check before you talk or blame... Not good...

I learn to handle this situations where I stay calm and don't give a damn on it.. Hence I not so stress... But sometimes no choice... Oh well... Don't know if you would change... But it's up to the individual to choose to change...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rude encounter at Comic Paradise in One Utama

I had went to Comic Paradise in One Utama with my boyfriend to check out on the figurines. When he had his eye set on a One Piece 'Nami' figurine, we had decided to ask for an assistance from the sales assistant.

First I had enquire if it was the last stock & she (sales assistant) had mentioned that it is the only one left. I had wanted to have a closer look on the figurine for the waist for the figurine has a gap, I had asked the sales assistant if there is a gap for at the waist, but she did not understand my question, hence I asked again. But again she did not understood me.

In the end, I asked her if I could have a closer look by opening the box. She hesitated but she had managed to open it. Once I took out the figurine from the box, she had said to me with an attitude "you know that the box cannot be opened". The first thing that went through my mind was... "If you had mentioned it earlier I would understand, but you had clearly opened it ad tell it to my face that I cannot open the box to view the figurine, then what is the point that I purchase it and found that there are some flaw... What would you do? You can't refund my money back right?!"

Honestly there was so many flaws to the figurine that I had decided not to purchase it, and also it was because of the attitude that the sales assistant had given me.

The few flaws were;
1. the right leg has a gap between the sandle.
2. The back of both legs at the ankle area has a slight defect.
3. The bikini has a slight defect in the colour.
4. The sales assistant had used a blade to cut the Sellotape off the plastic box had scratch a bit of the left leg of the figurine.

I had asked my boyfriend if he would still want to purchase it? After much consideration, we just mentioned that there is a flaw at the right leg of the figurine and we walked out of the shop.

I guess I will not be going back to the shop soon!

As a matter of fact, the other figurine shop at Cineleisure, Comic Sun. He (shop assistant) was nice enough to allow us to view the figurine before purchasing it and he was if great help to us unlike the lady at Comic Paradise.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

violent crime that happened recently...

Kuala Lumpur (Feb 14, 2012): An insurance agent who had lost a hand in a robbery will likely be able to use it again.

This is thanks to the team of doctors who not only carried out surgery through the night to reattached it, but went beyond the call of duty to search the crime for the severed member.

The quick action and exemplary dedication of the doctors from Gleneamles Hospital Jalan Ampang led to the severed hand being reattached to its owner within 10 hours of the violent crime which occurred outside a restaurant in Jalan Ampang about 9pm of feb 3.

The victim, who wished to be identified only as Poon, 47, had been attacked by three robbers including a woman, who chopped off his left hand before relieving him of his handphone and money he had withdrawn from an ATM shortly before driving to meet friends at the restaurant.

A shocked Poon, on realising that his hand had been severed, drove himself to seek treatment at the Gleneagles Hospital, less than 2km away.
Doctors said when Poon reached the emergency department at around 9.30pm, he was about to collapse due to loss of blood.

"His car was smeared with blood. His blood pressure was dropping and the emergency docotr was quick to calm him down and treat him, "Gleneagles Hospital consultant trauma and hand microsurgeon Dr. Palani Rasmasamy told theSun.

Palani said the hospital immediately reported the incident to the police and sought their help tp locate the severed hand for reattachment.
"When we did not hear from the police even 30 minutes after seeking their help, our medical team decided that we should go and look fot the hand ourselves as the crime scene was not far from the hospital," he said.

"We were racing against the clock, because the faster you reattach it, the better it would be. There is a chance for limbs to be successfully reattached within six to 12 hours of being severed, depending on whether or not it is it kept is ice," he said.

"We knew we could save his hand if we could find it in time." he said, adding that the team found the severed member about 100m away from the place Poon was attacked, after searching the area around the restaurant about a half hour.

Then came eight hours of surgery by Palani and his team through the night, beginning from 11.30pm to 7.30am the next day.
"We had to shorten the bone a little and stitch three major nerves, three major arteries, three veins and about 30 muscles and tendons," said Palani, adding that Poon was lucky that everything worked out well.

He said after the surgery, Poon was beginning to be able to move his hand and feel some sensation.
Speaking to theSun from his hospital bed, Poon said he felt blessed to get his hand back.

"It may not function like it used to be but at least, I have my hands," said the unsurance agent who expressed his gratitude to the doctors and medical team who went the extra mild to save his hand.

he said he could not recall much about the robbery, as he was in shock.
"At first I did not know what happened.... I suddenly felt a warm sensation and realised I was bleeding. Then only did I realise that my hand had been choped off."

"The first thing that crossed my mind was that I had to rush to the hospital, so I quickly drove with one hand to Gleneagles to seek treatment," he said.

Expressing disappointment over the level of public safetym Poon said Ampang used to be a friendly area but armed robbers had become rampant.

"It is extremely sad to see that some people will go to whatever extent even to jeopardising someone's life in order to get what they want," he said.

Cheras deputy district police chief Supt Abdul Rahim Hamzah Othman said police have classified the case as robbery and are on the lookout for the robbers.

He urged anyone with information about the robbery to contact the KL police hotline at 03-2115 999.

In short don't go to the bank to use the ATM machine or even gas station (pump petrol) after 6pm... Malaysia is no longer a safe country to move around...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

how a belly dancer flip coins!

check this out!

This is how a belly dancer flip coins on her belly!!

no frills airline...

This video from the past could be what air travelers will experience in the near future....

Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman ad Tim Conway were ahead of their time!